22nd August 2019. Bolt London

Bolt London, run by the mercurial Andrew Almond, is a vital fixture in the London bike scene. With a background in academia and the arts, Andrew approaches biking not necessarily from the angles of money or mechanics, but culture. His shop acts as a bridge across several scenes; rockers, scooter boys, chopper dudes and anyone else who cares to turn up. Everyone is greeted with enthusiasm and warm coffee. How many shops can boast their stickers adorning Harleys, Nortons, Lambrettas and Ducatis?

Andrew stocks the very best in motorcycle related clothing, and with an uncompromising and discerning eye he sells premium brands that emphasise heritage and quality over volume. He also designs and produces his own line, each garment exquisitely concieved and manufactured. But don’t be deceived, this is no fancy boutique, it’s a rough and ready biker joint where everyone is welcome to hang out, drink byo beer, and listen to the most killer playlists. Andrew knows his tunes.

It’s late August, the evenings are warm, so Andrew and I decided we should screen the film in the shop. With the doors open, and the shop floor cleared, we had an intimate affair full of familiar faces.

With so many ‘Moto’ themed stores opening up that feel like a pastiche at best, and a money-grab at worse, Bolt feels like, and really is, the real deal. Andrew features as one of our key contributors in ‘Oil In The Blood’.

Oil in the Blood